Artist Website & Store

Artist Website & Store


Seyhan contacted us for a minimalist artist website & store design to showcase her artwork. After several video conferences, we agreed on the structure of the website. We also decided to add a blog for her articles and a simple online store to it as she wanted to sell some of her artwork occasionally.

Artist Website and Store Design

We designed a minimalist-style responsive website on WordPress that gives a brief introduction of the artist and displays her artwork in a portfolio layout.

The website features a simple online store designed on WooCommerce to sell Seyhan’s unique ceramic artwork. As Seyhan is also a storywriter with a published book, we added a blog section on the website so that she could share her stories on her website.

We also optimized the website for basic SEO as a part of our design process. However, we didn’t focus much on marketing since the artist’s primary motivation was not financial. She creates her artwork for leisure and wants to display them online. Therefore, she didn’t prefer putting too much emphasis on marketing and selling her artwork.

The Result

At the end of the day, we had happy client with the practical solutions we provided. We keep maintaining Seyhan’s website and providing technical support whenever she needs so that she can stay focused on her art.


“Je recommande vivement les compétences, le professionnalisme et la gentillesse de Samet.”

– Seyhan Hanotte, Ceramic Artist & Sculptor


  • Client
    Seyhan Hanotte
  • Date
  • Duration
    2 weeks
  • Place
    Lyon, France
  • URL
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