Arts & Crafts Portfolio Website

Crafts Portfolio Website

Isaac, a creative husband from the City of Lethbridge, AB, reached out to us with an intention to give her wife, Lindsey, a portfolio website as a Christmas gift! Lindsay was into arts and crafts and creating lovely hand-crafted decorative items in her free time.

Isaac thought a website where Lindsay can display her craftwork would be a perfect Christmas gift, and who knows, it might even turn into a small business in the future. After having an online meeting and a couple of phone calls, we started working on a website for them.

Project Scope

Portfolio Website Design

As a part of the website design process, we needed photos of the items that Lindsey crafted. Since it was a small-scale personal project, we guided Isaac on how to take consistent photos of the items for the website. Once we received the raw photos, we cleaned their background, and made color adjustments to make them website-ready.

Once we optimized all the photos, we designed a clean, minimalistic, and easy-to-manage website on WordPress. The portfolio gallery featured interactive tabs for the item categories. The website was ready before Christmas! In addition, we put a little touch of Christmas gift-wrap using a plugin. This added snowflakes and Christmas ornaments on the website for the holiday period.

As we heard from Isaac, Lindsey loves her website, and keeps adding her new projects which we love to follow.


  • Client
    Lindsey's Craft Room
  • Date
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Place
    Lethbridge, AB
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