E-Commerce Enhancements on BigCommerce

E-commerce Ehnancements on BigCommerce


Hyggeligt, a quilting supplies store in St. Marys, Ontario, was referred to us for their struggles with e-commerce. They used to have a DIY online store on BigCommerce which they’ve been running for 10 years and needed some enhancements and integrations to use the full potential of e-commerce.

This project has been completed as an ongoing process where we helped our client explore, evaluate, and decide on the available options.

Project Scope

The scope of the project was quite extensive with a focus on improving back-office management as well as the user experience. The primary areas we worked together can be listed as:

E-Commerce Platform Selection:

The client was using BigCommerce platform for their online store and wanted to explore other options. We helped them understand the functionalities of comparable e-commerce platforms with pros and cons so that they could make an informed decision. Eventually, after evaluating other options, the client decided to stay with BigCommerce.

E-commerce & Physical Store Inventory Integration:

The client was managing their physical store inventory manually which requires too much time and effort while bringing the risk of inventory error. We examined their existing physical and online systems, evaluated the options together, and implemented an omnichannel inventory management system integration that is also connected to their bookkeeping system that brings additional convenience.

SKU generation:

The online store was huge with an exclusive inventory, and some items were missing SKUs that hinders the system integrations. We created SKUs in bulk for over 800 items to enable a smooth integration process.

UX Enhancements:

The client also needed an overall improvement in the UX design of their online store. We re-designed their storefront, improved the categorization and filtering to increase conversion rates while keeping it clean and simple as the client requested. We also created the privacy policy and website terms & conditions for the online store and redesigned the footer to give the customers easy access to the relevant information.

Second E-Commerce Store Migration:

The client also had another store on Shopify where they sell complementary products relevant to quilting. To optimize the resources used in managing both stores and increase the cross-selling opportunities, we offered to merge two stores. Once we got approval from the client, we created a category under the main BigCommerce store for the complementary products and got the Shopify store migrated under this new category on the main store. The complementary store link was also redirected to the new category to keep the traffic going to the old store.

E-mail Marketing Integrations:

We migrated the email marketing data of the business to a new (better-value) email marketing provider and integrated this new system with the online store.

Logo Design:

The client didn’t have an existing logo. Therefore, we created logo options for the client to choose from. We completed a basic branding task with the selected logo and an optimal color palette in line with their preferences. Then, we applied the branding to the online store design, and streamlined their social media accordingly.


The work has been completed during a course of three months, and we’re still supporting our client to maximize their e-commerce potential.


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    Hyggeligt Fabrics
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    12 Weeks
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    St. Marys, ON
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