Psychologist Website

Psychologist Website


Serap Bilgen, an experienced psychologist who was working at a public hospital clinic in Izmir, Turkey at the time, reached out to us asking for a professional psychologist website design. She was planning a transition to her own private practise and was not happy with her existing blog. She wanted to have a more professional-looking website along with digital marketing guidance.

We had a Skype meeting to clarify what she exactly needs and what would be the most effective way to promote her practise. After the meeting, we presented our proposal for a professional website design. Our proposal package also included a logo design and digital counselling.

Project Scope

Psychologist Website Design and Digital Consulting

After agreeing on the terms, we communicated every step with Serap throughout the process, and had several Skype calls to make sure her needs are effectively addressed.

We designed a fully responsive and functional website using WordPress that informs the visitors about Serap’s experience and qualifications as well as the services she provides. The new website features an online appointment function to enable patients easily book a therapy session.

We also added a blog on the website where she can share helpful articles to give valuable insights on psychology while showcasing her expertise, and showed her how to properly publish blog posts in a way to contribute to SEO.

Along with the design of pages and setting up additional functions, we conducted a basic SEO that will help her shine out on search engines from the very beginning. We also designed a minimalist style logo for her new practise under her name.

Throughout the process, we guided her for optimal online presence and held online meetings to guide her through the most efficient digital marketing strategies for her profession. We helped her showcase her experience and expertise to generate leads for her new practice.

The Result

At the end, we created a stunning website that promotes our client’s profession and express her motto as a psychologist, “feeling better is always possible”. With the proper marketing, she could quit her job in the hospital and could proceed with her private practise with confidance.

We are still working with Serap for her website maintenance and keep guiding her for digital marketing.


“First of all, it is very pleasant to work with Samet. He does his job very fast and passionately, and also works meticulously which is particularly important for me since I was looking for someone reliable who would own the job and work as meticulously as myself. He did a great job on this.

He informed me step by step of the whole process, gave continuous feedback on how it could be better. He frankly told me if something I requested wouldn’t look good but always left the final decision to me. He not only designed my website but also guided me on what I can do with social media to promote my business in this process. As he works pretty fast and swift, this has increased my motivation and accelerated my own pace.

He did an amazing job! The website he created for me is beyond my imagination. As such, I will continue to work with him for digital coaching. He was exactly who I was looking for to design my dream website with his unparalleled customer service. You are in the right place to achieve your dream website. You can confidently rely on his knowledge, skills, experience, and creativity. Thank you very much for everything Samet!”

– Serap Bilgen, MPsy, Psychologist


  • Client
    Serap Bilgen
  • Date
  • Duration
    3 weeks
  • Place
    Izmir, Turkey
  • URL
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