Recruitment Agency Website

Recruitment Agency Website

Blue Double Diamond Inc. is a newly established temporary recruitment agency operating in London, Ontario. They reached out to us with a need to develop a successful online presence with a recruitment agency website featuring a jobseeker panel to expand their jobseeker portfolio. They also wanted to make a professional first impression on the potential employers with their website.

Once we fully understood their needs and concerns, we produced a 360-degree plan to kick-start their online presence.

Project Scope

Recruitment Agency Website Design & Integrations

As the owners have been quite busy growing their business as a start-up, they asked us to generate the website structure and content for them. After a series of interviews with the owner to comprehend the scope of their business and their offerings, we first developed a website structure plan. Then, we created the website content in line with our interviews and presented the final content document for their review.

Once we received the final approval of the content, we proceeded with the design of a responsive and SEO-friendly website on WordPress. On the website, we included informative sections about the business as well as interactive features such as a user panel for the jobseekers where they can create and manage their jobseeker profiles, upload their resumes, and apply for the job listings posted by the agency. To increase the jobseeker outreach of the business, we also added a “submit resume form” for the less techy jobseekers where they can submit their resume by filling out a simple form.

Additionally, we integrated all forms with MailChimp to collect email data in line with relevant privacy laws for potential future email marketing efforts. We also set up Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to keep track of website traffic and analyze the impact of different online marketing initiatives.

Basic Branding

We established a color palette in the shades of blue. We created a logo that not only aligns with the business name “Blue Double Diamonds” but also reflects a professional image the business aims to maintain. We chose to imply a feel of double diamonds by using modern shapes and patterns rather than the classical diamond shape that is widely in use, and our client is happy with this twist.

Social Media Setup & Optimization

We set up a LinkedIn company page, a Google Business account, and a Facebook business page for the company with optimized settings. We also designed the profile and banner/cover images for their social media channels.


  • Client
    Blue Double Diamond Inc.
  • Date
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Place
    London, ON
  • URL
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