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SunRayz Small Business Website

SunRayz is a unique combination of a boutique and tanning salon operating in the City of St. Marys, Ontario. They reached out to us with a need for a small business website that will represent their business.

After understanding their needs and discussing the viable options, we started the design process.

Project Scope

Brand Colour Palette & Logo Design

Before starting the website design process, we first needed to generate colour palette and logo options. Using different combinations of warm vibrant colours and softer blue-green tones, we tried to give a feeling of summer. To match the “SunRayz” name and their business model, we used sun figures while designing the logo. At the end, the business chose the one that best reflects their style.

Small Business Website Design

To begin with, we produced a website structure plan, then provided the business with a website content template as a guide. After receiving the content, we optimized it for SEO, and started the design process.

We developed a mobile-friendly website on WordPress using Muffin Builder, featuring a product gallery and service pages. While pursuing a design that will reflect their vibrant style, we also used soft colours as a balancing element that will please the eye. Choosing a sticky vertical menu that will give a unique look to the website, we aimed to match their unique business model.

As added convenience for both the business and clients, we configured the Square Appointments system for their tanning services and linked it to the website. Additionally, booking buttons were added on their Instagram Business account and Facebook Page to draw more clients.

For the basic SEO functionality, we indexed the site on Google and optimized each page for search engines with an SEO plug-in.

Finally, Google Analytics and Search Console were incorporated into the website to track visitor and site traffic statistics.


  • Client
  • Date
  • Duration
    1 month
  • Place
    St. Mary's, ON
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