Earn up to CA$500 for each successful referral with Acumen Affiliate Program and receive your commission payments as soon as the project is completed.

Acumen Affiliate Program is a way to earn commissions for referring us new clients.  Every time you promote our services and drive a successful contract with a new client, you will get paid. You can earn up to CA$500 for each new client you refer.

Acumen Affiliate Program is primarily designed for individuals or businesses that have a community or network of small businesses and wish to generate additional revenue by promoting Acumen Business Consulting’s services. There is no harsh restrictions at all.

Each new client (with a fulfilled contract) you refer will earn you a commission. Its amount will vary depending on the size of the contract, as listed below:

For contracts between*

You earn









* Ranges shows the amounts before taxes.


Limit is the sky. We don’t put any restrictions to the number of clients you refer. Therefore, the amount you can earn can vary greatly depending on the contract sizes of the clients you are referring and the frequency at which you are referring them.

The process is simple:

  1. Apply to become an Acumen Affiliate (it’s free).
  2. Once you are approved as an Acumen Affiliate, you will be provided with a referral code.
  3. Your referees need to enter your referral code in our quote request form or pre-consulting form or tell your name as a referrer when they first contact us.
  4. When we sign a contract with your referee, we immediately notify you with necessary details.
  5. As soon as the project is completed and the contract is fulfilled, you will be asked to issue an invoice for your commission (+tax, if applicable).
  6. Once your invoice is received, we will send your payment within 1 business day via e-transfer.

* Contracts that are cancelled/refunded do not qualify for an affiliate commission.

Contact us if you have any other questions regarding Acumen Affiliate Program.