Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective leads and turning them into loyal customers. It helps you stay focused by setting goals and objectives to achieve. Since marketing comprises various components, you must have a marketing strategy in place to keep on track and use your resources wisely. Having a workable marketing strategy is essential for business success.

If marketing is not your field of work or interest, you may find the strategy development process quite exhausting and time-consuming. Let our expert team work with you to build a marketing strategy that will actually boost your business growth with a high return on investment.

We offer our marketing strategy services at various levels depending on your needs and requirements:

1.     Consultation for Marketing Strategy

We offer phone, video or in-person consulting sessions to discuss your marketing goals, brand image, target market and audience, value proposition, marketing activities and anything relevant that you may need guidance. In the end, you will have a clear understanding about how to proceed with your marketing strategy.

This option is an excellent choice for new businesses to get started with marketing.

2.     Marketing Scan for Businesses

We offer a more detailed evaluation of all aspects of your existing marketing strategy and efforts. Our team will go through your practices and recommend better strategies and practices to improve your outcomes. You will also receive a report with our recommendations to improve your marketing.

This option is recommendable for businesses that already have a marketing strategy and practices and need an expert to evaluate their marketing performance.

3.     Marketing Strategy Development and Action Plan

We offer a full-fledged service to analyze and evaluate your existing marketing efforts and develop a fresh marketing strategy. After several sessions of calls and meetings, we will create a detailed marketing strategy report with explanations and a step-by-step strategy execution guide. We will also provide you with a 3-month marketing action plan to get you started with the right strategies as soon as possible.

This option is great for businesses that have never had a marketing strategy or are not happy with their existing one.

Once you have a marketing strategy in place, we can continue to support you by:

      • implementing the strategies and handling your marketing activities in this direction. This is a highly efficient option since we will already know about your brand, product or services and priorities at that point.
      • providing periodic inspections to see how you’re doing with your marketing strategy. We will make revisions and improvements when necessary to ensure that it works effectively for you.

Contact us with your questions about our services or book a consulting session to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

Grow Your Business Online Grant

Grow Your Business Online Grant

Get up to $2,400 to grow your business online! Looking to implement e-commerce capabilities to remain competitive? Need to serve existing customers more effectively and attract new customers? With a micro-grant of up to $2,400, we can help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies.

If you have a revenue of at least $30,000 in the last 12 months or at least one employee for the last 3 months, you may be eligible. Book a free discovery session with us for guidance.